Teaching children about parliament is important

Now all of the schools have now returned, the students and teachers have all settled back into their work I have begun my rounds of school visits. This week I visited both Thorpedene Primary School and Bournes Green Junior School to talk to them about what I do as a Member of Parliament and what the role of parliament is. Both schools children were a credit to the teachers, well-mannered and asking excellent questions. It was clear to see that they were excited to learn about the role I play in representing them and their families in Parliament.

I believe it is important for the next generation to understand the role that Parliament has in our democracy so that they know how to participate in shaping the societies they live in. With Brexit on the horizon and the celebration of 100 years of woman Suffrage this insight is more important than ever before. This is why this week I wrote to all of the primary and secondary schools in Rochford and Southend East promoting the services of the Parliamentary Education Service. The service offers several resources for schools ranging from teacher training sessions to educational parliamentary visits all to help children understand how democracy works in the United Kingdom. It is my hope that the combination of my school visits and excellent resources such as the Parliamentary Education Service will help inspire and encourage them to get involved in our political processes and shape the country.

I would of course urge any parents, teacher or pupil reading this article to also approach their local school to encourage them to take advantage of the resources available to them. Should they like any further information on the service, they are able to find this at the Parliamentary Education Service website.

In the meantime, should you have any questions about this or any other matter, or if you have a problem that I may be of assistance with as your Member of Parliament please do not hesitate to email me at james@jamesduddridge.com or call my office on 01702 616135.