James visits Colchester Barracks

James Duddridge, Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East, has attended the second part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme which he is participating in with the British Army. The scheme aims to give Member’s of Parliament first-hand experience on the day to day living of soldiers and gain a better understanding on how decisions are made in the military.

During the day, which took place at Colchester Barracks, James took part in a number of activities in order to better understand what life is like for the average soldier and get some experience on the type of training they go through to prepare of military scenarios. This included the simulation of paratroopers landing on a war ground and being shown how the Army gathers and uses intelligence in their day to day operations.

James said,

“It was a real eye opening experience to learn how paratroopers prepare for military scenarios and the process they have to undertake when they land.”

“It is taking part in activities such as this that makes you appreciate the people who do this to keep us safe.”