James asks Question on Online Grooming

Home Secretary,

"What steps he is taking to tackle online grooming?"

To which the Home Secretary responded,

"Tackling online grooming is one of our highest priorities. We are increasing our investment in law enforcement and legislating on online harms to bare down on the threat."

"In November, I also co-hosted a hackathon in the US. where tech companies developed an artificial intelligence product to detect online grooming which will be set out license free for all technology companies to use world-wide."

James also asked a supplementary question,

"I was impressed by the hackathon and the tools used. Can the Home Secretary provide the House with more detail on how what he saw in the United States can be used in the UK?"

To which the Home Secretary responded,

"This Hackathon event that I attended in the United States is with the big tech giants that we all know of. They worked together to develop this new artificial intelligence product that will detect online grooming. That is its intention. The technology  showed the industry at its best, at its most creativity and it will really help to change lives."

Following the session James said,

"No child should become the victim of online grooming. I am pleased that the Home Secretary has identified this as a key issue. "

"I am hopeful that with the tools developed at the Hackathon by these tech giants we can protect all children from online grooming."