Illegal Traveller Encampments-We Have to Stop This Trespassing

With Parliament back in full session it has been a very busy week in Westminster.

We have seen a diverse range of topics being debated in the house.

One such topic, and a sore point for many in our constituency is that of the illegal encampment of gypsy and travellers.

Gunners Park, Trinity Football Ground and Cherry Orchard Park have always been a favourite for trespassing and this needs to stop.

That is why I felt it important to speak out in the debate that was held on October 9th.

Another contentious hot topic up for debate is of course our exit from the European Union.

I am extremely positive about our future outside the Eu, however I want the Government to push for the best Brexit possible.

I know EU countries have great interest our economic future and will want to ensure trade continues.

That is why during the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday I urged Theresa May to work with other EU leaders to get a smooth Brexit.

When I’m not in Westminster I enjoy meeting constituents and supporting local charities and projects.

This Summer saw a flurry of great creative and cultural events which are always a great asset to the town.

A lot of these events wouldn’t be possible for us to enjoy without funding.

The Southend Fund is a great project, supporting charitable activity in Southend, set up by local people for local people.

Small charities always compete with national charities and do not always necessarily fare well.

I urge those who wish to donate to charity to consider donating to a local cause.

I recently donated to the Southend Fund because I believe in the positive impact Southend voluntary groups can have on the community.