The hidden gems in Southend

Southend has so many wonderful organisations working within it, many of which are quite obviously there in plain sight such as IPECO, Adventure Island, and London Southend Airport to name a few. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many hidden gems that are not as well known.

To illistrate this point, I would walk around the Hive. Located on the top floow of the old central library along Victoria Avenue this excellent business hub which aims to help start up companies get off the ground throught organisation of networking, offering business advice and the renting of office space. When walking around the facility you can see a vast array of excellent services avaliable ranging from charities, to infrastructure projects to more international based groups such as the British and Irish Trade Association.

The latter of these services works closely with businesses in Ireland and in Britain to assist them to work closely together on projects in both countries, and is based in Southend. With Brexit fast approaching it will be an exciting time for this organisation which could see it spearheading business relationships between Ireland and the United Kingdom, making Southend a key player.  

Also within the Hive you can find the “BEST growth hub”. Another, great organisation that supports businesses from across the whole of Essex starting from their blooming stage of an idea to becoming a key employer in the area. So far it has helped almost 3,150 businesses in a number of ways ranging from basic advice to the distribution of grants. If you have a business that could do with some additional support please do not hesitate to get in contact with them on 01702 417765.

There are so many other businesses in our area that I haven’t mentioned that are playing a key role in Southend, the country and even the world. As they travel the globe they take the Southend brand with them ensuring that it is seen as a great place to do business.

As always of you have any questions or concerns that I may be of assistance with as your Member of Parliament please email me at