Campaign Responses

Every day, I receive dozens of campaign emails from constituents concerned about a huge variety of national issues. 

While individual constituency enquiries will be answered by email or letter, due to the vast increase in the volume of campaign emails now being generated, I can no longer guarantee replying to these individually and am therefore posting my responses on this section of my website.

Please note this page is being constantly updated.

Local housing allowance

Reforms to Housing Benefit are a central part of the Government's plan to create a welfare system that supports the most vulnerable and is fair to taxpayers.

A no-deal Brexit

The Prime Minister has appointed me as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union to help deliver Brexit, so the issue is particularly pertinent to my role in Government.

Britain's woodlands

Our woods and forests are an invaluable national asset and I am proud of the action that has been taken in recent years to preserve and extend British woodland.

Second EU referendum

The British people have already had the final say on the United Kingdom's European Union membership and they voted in significant numbers to leave the bloc in 2016.

Trophy hunting

I truly believe that, as sentient beings who can experience fear and pain, all animals should be treated with thought and care.

Guide Dogs UK

I want our streets to be as accessible as possible for people with visual impairments, and I am pleased that the Government shares this ambition.


I firmly believe that just one person without a roof over their head is one too many, and it is vitally important that the most vulnerable people in society, including homeless people and rough sleepers, are helped to get their lives back on track.

Alcohol duty

As announced at the 2018 Autumn Budget, duties on beer, cider, and spirits have again been frozen.