I learn a lot when I am out and about in the constituency

Helping with the mail sorting process at Short Street sorting office and personally delivering post throughout the constituency, I learnt a lot on Friday. I have a greater appreciation for our postal workers and the postal service they provide us daily.

Make sure you have the right insurance before you go on holiday

With such great weather now, one would ask why leave Southend?  With the start of school holidays, a lot of families are jetting off to shores far and near.

These can be some of the most enriching experiences. Allowing us to experience new cultures, new foods and new environments.

I’m proud of the people who help to keep our beaches clean

Talking to residents on the doorstep, it is clear that many people are proud of the natural beauty our town offers. Which is why when we see the pictures of the amount of litter left on our beaches, it brings forward a very emotive response.