Southend Standard Column

The Queen’s Speech took place earlier this month. The Government has accomplished a lot since the 2010 general election however, we must now look ahead and focus on what the Government is looking to achieve over the next Parliamentary session.

During the Queen’s Speech she outlined the priorities for the Government. The Queen also outlined the 19 bills that will go through the Parliamentary process and the aspirations for the Government.

It is impossible to summarise the Queen’s Speech in the 350 word constraint of my column however I decided to extract some poignant parts.

The Government’s legislative programme will focus on economic growth, justice and constitutional reform. The Ministers first priority will be to reduce the deficit and restore economic stability. There will be measures brought forward to further strengthen regulation of the financial services and implement the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking.

We will bring forward measures to modernise the pension system and reform the state pension which will create a fair, simple and sustainable foundation for private saving. In addition, legislations will be introduced to reform the public services pensions in line with the recommendations of the independent commission on public service pensions.

The Government will also strive to improve the lives of children and families. The Government will propose measures to improve provision for disabled children and children with special educational needs.

A Bill will be introduced to establish the National Crime Agency to tackle the most serious and organised crime and strengthen the border security. The courts and tribunals service will be reformed to increase efficiency, transparency and judicial diversity.

As mentioned earlier, there are many more aspirations and Bills that will be going through Parliament. If you want more information on any of the above, or further details of the Queens Speech then please contact me.