South Essex MPs Support the Love Essex NHS campaign

James Duddridge Local Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East and fellow Essex MPs Throw Their Full Support behind the Love Essex NHS campaign.

MPs from across Essex have pledged their support to the Love Essex NHS campaign, which aims to highlight the hard work of NHS staff and its importance in UK society. James and his colleagues believe fully in the NHS and its values, and are committed to a tax-funded NHS, free at the point of use, wherever and whenever needed.

Last week, MPs from all corners of Essex joined together to celebrate the work of the NHS and encourage positive dialogue about the organisation.

The event was organised by Southend MPs James Duddridge and Sir David Amess, as the campaign originally began in Southend with Love Southend NHS and was launched there by the Health secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP.

The campaign grew with the support and interest of other Essex MPs, who were keen to promote positive messages about the NHS such as:


  •  Southend Hospital being identified as one of 10 ‘one-stop shop’ trial centres across the UK that GPs can refer patients to speed up cancer diagnoses. Patients can be assessed quickly and referred to appropriate specialists when needed, potentially allowing doctors to identify patients with cancer early, who may previously have only been diagnosed through attendance in A&E or after a routine referral to a specialist;


  • Plans for a brand new state of the art medical school to train the next generation of doctors due to be opened in Chelmsford this year;


  • An increased workforce: there are now 213 more hospital doctors than 2010 and 279 more nurses than 2010 based at NHS Mid & South Essex Hospitals;


  • NHS Mid Essex CCG receiving £462.6 million of funding in 2018/19 - a cash increase of 3.31%;


  • In 2016/17 NHS Mid & South Essex Hospitals having a total of 147,212 operations which is an increase of 18, 175 more than 2010 averaging over 400 operations a day;


  • Nationally, £2.4 billion a year which will be ear-marked a year for GP services by 2020/21;


  • A record £11.4 billion being invested in mental health funding;


  •  Ensuring best value for taxpayers, through tough new financial controls being introduced to cut down on waste in the NHS, including introducing caps for agency staff and management consultants, and introducing central procurement rules;


  • An additional £2 billion for social care over the next three years to help ease pressures on the NHS by supporting more people to be discharged from hospital and into care as soon as they are ready.


James Duddridge MP said:

‘I have been thrilled by the response of my colleagues to the Love Essex NHS campaign. We all recognise that we need a Health Service that is fit for the 21st century and is sustainable.

There are so many negative voices around the NHS, insisting that it is failing, when it is an institution that we should be proud of. The Essex MPs are united in our unanimous support for an amazing Essex NHS and will soon be presenting the Department of Health with our suggestions for positive improvements, rather than seeking to talk the NHS down.’


Sir David Amess MP said:

“In common with millions of other people I am a beneficiary of the service and support which we receive from the NHS. There is no system quite like it anywhere in the world as I found during my 10 years as a member of the Health Select Committee. We are particularly blessed with a fine hospital in Southend. I will continue to work with my Parliamentary neighbour, James Duddridge, and other local MPs to ensure that we continue to enjoy the best possible healthcare from our local hospital.”


Cllr James Moyies, Conservative Councillor for West Shoebury said:

“Love Southend NHS was launched to demonstrate the high regard that NHS workers and the institution has within our community. Our main aim is to positively engage with the local health system to achieve improved health and social care for our residents. There has been a lot of political scaremongering that has deeply worried many residents and I am spending my time proving to residents that there are actually many positive changes happening within the health system.

We will continue to robustly challenge the system to ensure developments are positive, but our approach is as critical friends rather than aggressive opponents of our local health leaders and staff.  I am pleased that political leaders across the county are committing themselves to communicating the great story of our committed health workers in Essex and are supporting the constant improvement agenda.”