Motorcycle training for key workers restarts in South Essex

Motorcycle training to help key workers stay on the road has restarted in South Essex thanks to the work of a Rochford-based training centre and their local MP.

Trainers had originally been instructed to close by Essex Police following the implementation of stricter Government social distancing measures on 23rd March 2020.

 “It put us in an awkward position,” said Ian Burrell MBE Director at Pass Bike Motorcycle Training based in Rochford.

“On the one hand, we had the Police saying that there was no information from the DVSA that they could accept and on the other hand we had key workers in need of the legally required CBT Certificate.

“We were complying with all the guidance from Public Health England, provided PPE for our instructors and reduced the class sizes to One student at a time.”

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a legal requirement for anyone riding a motorcycle on a provisional licence. The certificate is only valid for two years leading to many riders involved in medicine delivery, food distribution, health and emergency work being unable to renew their licence. Forcing them to either consider riding illegally or not attend work.

Realising that there was a willingness for the police to allow training to take place Mr Burrell contacted his local MP James Duddridge, the Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East.

James said:

“It is important we keep our key workers on the road so they can continue to play their part in the national effort to defeat coronavirus.

“After being contacted by Ian, I raised this with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency on his behalf and was able to get a letter from the Chief Executive Gareth Llewellyn stating that Compulsory Basic Training can continue.

“Thank you to Ian for bringing this to my attention and pleased we got the outcome we did.”

The new information was circulated through Pass Bike to the Police and Training allowed to continue for Key Workers.

“I’m very grateful to our MP for helping so quickly, we have been able to restart providing training for essential workers and keep them safe and legal on the road," said Mr Burrell. 

Following James intervention, the DVSA Chief Executive has written to all training schools clarifying the situation regarding training.