Local charities do so much for our residents and I thank them for it

As the new year begins we often take time to consider our health, replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones.  Many people use January to challenge themselves, setting health related goals.

I had the pleasure of talking with representatives from Drinkaware at Asda Shoebury who gave customers the opportunity to access friendly advice and ask questions about the units and calories in different alcoholic drinks.

 Of course we should all be able to enjoy ourselves and have a drink but it is important to be aware of what is going into our bodies and how it affects us.  Knowing measurements as well of being aware of how long alcohol stays in our system can help us lead healthier and safer lives.  

More information and advice regarding alcohol and the affects can be found at drinkaware.co.uk 

On the continued theme of health and wellbeing I was also fortunate to meet with Jennie Hubbard, Chief Executive of SOS Domestic Abuse Projects.  SOS Domestic Abuse Projects have been running in Southend for 41 years and have helped so many victims of domestic violence as well as abusers wanting to change in and around southend. In conjunction with providing support they are also responsible for delivering bespoke in house training to statutory agencies, community and voluntary groups and businesses. 

Like so many organisation that offer and provide invaluable support in their communities funding is always a problem so I was pleased to hear that the organisation has recently received funding from the Lloyds Bank foundation and the Big Lottery fund which will help them continue fund the great work they do in and around Southend.

I would like to thank organisations like SOS Domestic Abuse Projects and Drinkaware that work in and around our community to provide support to local residents.