James re-selected for 5th consecutive time

Earlier this month James was re-adopted by the local Conservative Association as their Candidate for the next General Election.

Although no General Election is expected until 2022 the local Conservative Party Association decided to re-adopt James early in order to start the campaign for his re-election as soon as possible.

James said,

“I am proud to once again be given the opportunity to stand as the Conservative Party Candidate at the next General Election. I would like to thank the local Conservative Association for once again giving me their full support.”

Cllr Alex Bright, Chairman of the Rochford and Southend East Conservative Association said,

“I am very pleased to announce that our Member of Parliament, James Duddridge, has been re-adopted by our local Conservative Association as the prospective Conservative Party Parliamentary candidate for the next General Election in 2022.

This is the fifth time that James has been adopted as our Parliamentary candidate, which is testament to the hard work that he undertakes on behalf of all residents here in Rochford and Southend East.

At such a historic moment when the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, I am pleased to have James in Parliament as a strong voice representing the people of Rochford & Southend East whilst pushing for Brexit.”

James, who will be standing for a 5th consecutive term in office, was first elected by the residents of Rochford and Southend East with 17,879 votes and was recently re-elected in 2017 with 23,013 votes. An increase of 5,134 votes.

James said,

“It is a truly humbling experience not only to have received the confidence of so many people on 4 consecutive occasions, but to also have that support grow in number is something very special.

 I hope to be able to once again build on this support by spreading our positive message of a stronger and fairer economy, and by fighting for the Brexit that the residents of Rochford and Southend East voted for.”

Should you have any questions for James or would like to join him on the campaign trail you can email him at james@jamesduddridge.com.