James Duddridge Strives to Improve the Provision for Stroke Services in Southend

James Duddridge, Local Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East, Strives to Improve the Provision of Stroke Services in Southend.

Local MP James Duddridge has this week been working hard in the House of Commons to emphasize the importance of stroke services.

On Tuesday, he met with representatives from the Stroke Association to discuss care for stroke patients in Southend, and the importance of the upcoming reconfiguration of stroke services at Southend Hospital.

James was delighted that the representatives of the Stroke Association have agreed to come to Southend to discuss their report on reconfiguration.



James commented:

“It was a pleasure to meet representatives from the Stroke Association, who do such excellent work to assist funding vital services and complete life-saving research. I will be delighted to meet them again in Southend very soon”.

The same day, James was pleased to be invited by fellow Southend MP Sir David Amess to participate in a debate Sir David had organised on strokes services across the UK.

James said:

I understand that this debate is very much about the UK and stroke units, but is my hon. Friend and parliamentary neighbour aware that today I met the Stroke Association, which is prepared to come to Southend to discuss changes in the stroke unit with the public? It will also have discussions with the wellbeing board, specifically to talk about the experience of reorganising acute and hyper-acute stroke units to give better outcomes, fewer deaths and fewer disabilities. This is good news for Southend, and the Stroke Association is happy to come to speak to us in Southend.


Sir David replied:

I very much welcome that news. I think that the two of us will look forward to meeting the Stroke Association and working with it to enhance the already excellent facilities at Southend Hospital.