James Duddridge MP took part in the Thorpe Bay Rotary Club's Annual Foulness Bike Ride

James Duddridge, MP for Rochford and Southend East joined the 1000 cyclists in the 18th annual Thorpe Bay Rotary Club Foulness Bike Ride.

One thousand cyclists set off on the morning of 10th September 2017 for the Thorpe Bay Rotary Club’s Annual Foulness Bike Ride. Cyclists could ride up to a 23 miles on the course around the island.   Many of them cycling for a chosen charity that's close to them. In 2016 over £35,000 was raised for various charities and this year looks to see similar success.

Joining them was James Duddridge, Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East. James Duddridge has been involved in the event for many years.  In 2012 there were worries the event would not be able to continue.  James held talks with the Rt Hon Andrew Robathan MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Defence Veterans, Reserves and Personnel (December 2011) with the aim to to secure the future of the event.  James was delighted that the outcome was assurances that the event would continue. 

Thorpe Bay Rotary Club was chartered in 1991 and since its inception has raised over £400,000 from various events including the successful annual bike ride.

This year the event took place entirely on private roads making the event very safe to be enjoyed by all.  It was a great event with many families heading to Foulness to enjoy a family day out.


James said:

“The Foulness Bike Ride is always a great success.  It allows the public access to explore the island whilst raising money for causes close to their hearts.  This year the ride was made even safer by using only Private roads on the island.  It has been another success this year and we were lucky enough to have wonderful weather which ensured great day for all.”

“I would like to thank the Thorpe Bay Rotary Club, the stewards and of course the residents of Foulness Island without whom the event would not be able to take place.”

“It would have been such a shame for the Foulness Bike Ride to not continue.  I have taken part many times and am grateful I could help with its continuance.  It is a great day out and a great way to make money for charity.”