James Duddridge MP has been nominated to sit on the International Development Select Committee

Local MP James Duddridge Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East is nominated to be on the International Development Select Committee

James Duddridge was pleased to have been re-elected to serve on the International Development Select Committee earlier this week in Parliament.

Before being elected MP and throughout his tenure in Parliament and more so whilst serving as the Minister for Africa, James has always believed that Britain should continue to play an active, leading role in committing to help others who are less fortunate then ourselves.


James said:

“UK aid and development help to tackle the root causes of global problems - such as disease, migration, terrorism and conflict - which matter to us here in Britain. So our commitment is crucial to our own long-term strategic interests in Britain. Continual commitment to tackle the root causes of global problems is the surest way to defend and advance the interests of the British people, and to extend around the world those values that we believe to be right.”

“I have a proven track record and interest in international development having served on the committee once before for 3 years, and serving as Minister for Africa (2014-2016). I believe that this will allow me to bring experience of the workings of the Department.  It is a great privilege and honour to be re-elected.”

The International Development Committee was created in 1997 in response to the creation of DFID (from what had formerly been the Overseas Development Administration). The role of the Select committee is to monitor the policy, administration and spending of the Department of International Development (DFID) and its associated public bodies and takes an interest in the policies and procedures of the multilateral agencies and non-government organisations to which DFID contributes.



James will be one of the 11 backbench Members of Parliament to sit on the committee chaired by Labour Member of Parliament for Liverpool and West Derby, Stephen Twigg.


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