James Duddridge MP to go Green After Ditching the Diesel in Electric Car Challenge

James Duddridge MP has pledged to go green with his next vehicle after swapping his diesel car for its electric counterpart during a week-long challenge.

The MP for Rochford and Southend East was recently given the opportunity to find out just how easy - or difficult - it is to convert from a conventional car to its eco-friendlier cousin.

It comes as the Conservative-led government continues to lead the way in addressing climate change, including its commitment to net zero emissions by 2050. 

Part of the week saw James take the Jaguar I-Pace from Southend to the Houses of Parliament - a journey he usually completes by train - in a bid to get a feel for electric-powered driving on longer journeys. 

He also tested the various ways of charging the vehicle, including at home, at work and using public charging points.

In Southend there are currently charging points in five of the town's car parks. In Rochford, the council is in the process of rolling out nine electric vehicle charging points across the district.

Commenting on the challenge, James said:

"At first I was sceptical, would there be enough charging points, or would I find myself stranded on the side of the A127 having run out of battery?

"Actually, after getting used to the quieter engine, I was pleasantly surprised by the range you could get from a single charge and how much it felt it like driving a "normal" vehicle.

"Like many people, I am conscious about doing my bit to protect the environment and with electric cars now available to suit a range of budgets, for my part, I will be making the switch the time comes for me to invest in a new car."