James Duddridge encourages support of local charities in Rochford and Southend East

James Duddridge Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East,
donates £200 to the Southend Fund in a bid to continue supporting charitable
activity in Southend.

Southend boasts a dynamic voluntary sector, which actively provides support and
help to those in most need and enriching the arts and culture of our community.
Many people would like to contribute to their community, but often make donations to
national charities because they are not aware of local charities and the work they do.
The Southend Fund was set up by local people to produce a regular source of
financial support which voluntary and community organisations in Southend can tap
into, now and in the future. Since it was set up in 2001, the Fund has awarded grants
totalling £270,000 to support the work of organisations that are tackling a wide range
of local issues including, debt counselling, homelessness, financial abuse, domestic
violence, anti-social behaviour and elderly isolation.
The Southend Fund, which is managed by Essex Community Foundation, provides a
channel for individuals, families, companies, local charitable trusts and public funded
bodies to support the community in which they live and work.


James Duddridge Said:

"I am great supporter of localised giving because I believe we all have a responsibility
towards each other. Locally-based groups often have to compete fiercely for funding
with high-profile, nationally-known charities and so it is always great when I can raise
funds to help support the work of many of our local charities.

Caroline Taylor, Chief Executive of Essex Community Foundation said:
We are very grateful to receive this donation to The Southend Fund which has grown
significantly over the past 15 years. This growth is thanks to the support of local
people who have recognised the importance of having a charitable fund which will
support the work of voluntary organisations working in Southend now and in the