Change the lives of children by becoming a Governor

Today our future generation are attending school, learning about everything from the alphabet to the theory of relativity. Each one of these student will be the Scientists, Historians, Poets and Politicians of the future. They will shape our world in a way we cannot even begin to imagine.  

This is why the years they spend in our education system is vital. At the frontline of this journey are our excellent Teachers and Teacher Assistants, who help mould the minds of children by passing onto them the knowledge they have developed over a number of years of study. They spend countless hours creating lesson plans, marking the work of students and developing their skills to ensure they can pass their knowledge in the best way possible. The teachers are of course lead by our Head Teachers whose management skills ensure that the quality of teaching always remains high. These professionals should always be commended for their passion for inspiring the next generation.  

However, there is another group of people which play a vital role in the shaping of the minds of our children. A group of people who usually sit in the background and take an arm’s reach approach to the policies of a school. The School Governors. Anyone can be a Governor of a school and they play a vital role in supporting the Heads create policy and employ staff for the betterment of the school. Unfortunately, many schools struggle to fill in the vacancies they have on their governing board. This can leave some schools in a weaker position. If you have a passion for the education of our young people I would urge you to contact your local school and enquire as to whether there is a position on their Governing body. You may find the whole experience a very rewarding one.  

In the meantime, should you have any questions or issues that I may be able to help with as your Member of Parliament please do not hesitate to contact me either by email at or by calling my office based in the constituency at 01702 616135.