An excellent Parliament Week

Last week we celebrated Parliament Week. One week in the year that we celebrate what is great about our democracy and our Parliament. This year is a particularly special one as we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of suffrage for women, and the achievements of women in Parliament ever since.

We will remember them

This Sunday we marked the 100th year anniversary of the end of the First World War. I marked the occasion by placing my wreath at the cenotaph along the Cliffs. Each time I do I reflect on the sacrifice made by so many so that we can all live the lives we have.

A budget that will help Southend

This week the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, delivered his budget to the House of Commons. Within it there were a number of great measures that will have a real positive effect on Southend.

Together we can tackle loneliness in Southend

We often take for granted the company of our family and friends. For many of us it is a normal part of life to have someone nearby to talk to about all things big and small. But imagine that this was taken away.

I welcome the exciting developments in local transport

Recently, we have seen a number of announcement concerning the improvement of transport in and around our town. In this week’s newspapers it had been announced that Southend Borough Council is supporting a new relief road to the east of the town.