Bus Tour Allowed Me to Meet My Constituents Across the Area

This week I held a very different Surgery session.  Unlike regular scheduled surgeries held in my office the team and I travelled through Rochford and Southend on an Arrival bus.

It was great to spend the day on the bus pulling up at various stops chatting to people whilst tackling local and personal problems.

We travelled to every ward in Rochford and Southend East and involved Essex, Southend and Rochford councillors and candidates for the May 2018 election.

Councillor Laureen Shaw (Rochford) said: ‘Today was a great opportunity for constituents to meet James and it was time well spent.  It was a great idea for James to make himself easily accessible to his constituents.”

Councillor Mike Steptoe (Member of Essex County Council, Rochford South Division) said: “It was great to be involved in the day, and a great idea for James to travel around the constituency, making it easier for residents and local councillors to have access to their MP.”

Councillor James Moyies (Conservative Councillor for West Shoebury) said: “I was delighted to join our Member of Parliament James Duddridge on the Shoeburyness leg of his bus tour the Rochford and Southend East Constituency.  These initiatives that James and his team organise mean he is going gout to meet the voters rather than expecting them to come to him.  He spent the day listening to local people’s concerns.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to chat with us on the bus at Shoeburyness Asda.”

I would like to thank Arriva for the bus and service they provided throughout the day.  And I would like to say a special thank you to Asda, Waitrose, Rochford District Council and the Thames Estuary Yacht Club and most importantly my constituents for their continued support.

Being mobile and accessible to my constituents has and will always be my priority, it was good to meet people out and about.


As ever if you wish to get in touch please call 01702 616135 or alternatively email me at james@jamesduddridge.com