School funding

Recently, our schools have not received the attention they deserve, and we should not accept the idea that there can be winners or losers when it comes to our children’s futures.

That is why the Conservatives are raising school funding by £14 billion over the next three years, increasing the minimum level of per pupil funding in primary and secondary schools, and ensuring historically underfunded areas receive the greatest increase.

This means that every pupil in every school will see a funding increase. Every primary school will receive at least £4,000 for every pupil they have, whilst secondary schools will receive at least £5,000. The biggest increases will go to the schools that need it the most.

We are also determined to do more to help the brilliant teachers that give so much time and energy to our children’s educations. In the biggest reform to teacher pay in a generation, we are increasing salaries for new teachers to £30,000, recognising teaching as the high value, prestigious profession that it is.

By getting Brexit done, we will deliver the change people want, unleashing every child’s potential and properly funding our schools.