A no-deal Brexit

The Prime Minister has appointed me as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union to help deliver Brexit, so the issue is particularly pertinent to my role in Government.
The Government does not want to leave the European Union without a deal. The preferred option is to leave with an agreement. The terms of the existing Withdrawal Agreement in its current form are, however, unacceptable to Parliament. MPs have rejected it on three occasions.
The Prime Minister is seeking to reach a new and better deal with the European Union, whilst preparing to leave without one by 31st October 2019. I believe that any further delay to our exit will create more uncertainty and that is why I am against the Opposition parties to extend Article 50 once again.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer has confirmed that all necessary funding will be provided to prepare for a No Deal scenario. A total of £1.1 billion is being allocated immediately. A further £1 billion will be available, if required, and an additional £2 billion will be available next year to support the country's exit. Changes to tax rules will also help to boost productivity and increase competitiveness if No Deal is reached. European Union citizens' rights will be guaranteed in all circumstances and the United Kingdom remains unconditionally committed to its obligations under the Belfast Agreement.
I believe that not leaving by 31st October 2019 could lead to a catastrophic loss of confidence in our political system. The indecision of the last three years and the repeated failure to deliver on the referendum result cannot be allowed to continue. The trust of the electorate in their politicians is at stake.