Guide Dogs UK

I want our streets to be as accessible as possible for people with visual impairments, and I am pleased that the Government shares this ambition. Indeed, last year the Department for Transport published an Inclusive Transport Strategy, which aims to see our transport system offering genuinely equal access for people with disabilities by 2030.
Through the strategy the Government has committed to working with local authorities to improve street design, and to ensure streetscapes are inclusive. This is in addition to the guidance that the Department for Transport has issued for local councils on street design, which advocates minimising street clutter.
I also welcome that a pause on shared space level-surface schemes has been put in place in areas with large amounts of both pedestrian and vehicular movement, such as in town centres and high streets.
I fully recognise that irresponsible pavement parking can cause real problems for those with sight loss, and for those with assistance dogs. I understand, that to this end, the Department for Transport has recently finished a review to better understand the case for changing the law around pavement parking. Ministers will be considering their next steps in the coming months.