Cycling and walking

Encouraging cycling and walking is key to improving public health and improving air quality in our towns and cities.

That is why we will boost our investment in both cycling and walking, to make it easier for people to get around, as well as working with the National Health Service to encourage people to become more active. We will work with local authorities to create low traffic ‘health neighbourhoods’ making streets safer to walk and cycle.

We will create segregated health lanes on main roads, with the first of these being trialled in Blackpool. In these areas, General Practitioners will be incentivised to prescribe bikes to patients in need. We will also double bike ability training and create a long term cycling programme and budget, similar to the roads programme and budget, with a new infrastructure fund to build better schemes.

Our plans will improve the quality of life for many people, improving our health, and ensuring our infrastructure is fit for the future.